How We Got Started

    My name is Don Willis and I have three business partners. First is my beautiful wife and best friend Crissie and the next is my nine year old son Tyler and last but certainly not least is my dear friend Larry Eisenberg and together we are Twisted Genetics Pythons. We are a family originally from Baltimore MD who relocated to York Pennsylvania. We wanted to start a family business doing something we all loved and one thing we all share in common, is our love for animals particularly reptiles. I have owned every type of reptile you can imagine over my life time and have loved every minute of it. My family and I have invested in over 70 Ball Pythons of all different genes purchased from all the Top Breeders in the country. The genetics were are most interested in is Recessive animals such as Clowns (my favorite) , Piebald's (Crissie's favorite), Hypo/Ghost and Albino's. We having many many cool genes to mix in to our recessive projects such as Super Banana, Banana, Super Mojave, Mojave, Super Pastel, Pastel, Pinstripe, Lesser, Honey, Fire, Enchi, Cinnamon, Leopard, Spider and Orange Dream to name a few we have on hand.

    So as you can see, we have all the ingredients to produce some of the highest quality morphs in the breeding business. We spare no expense when it comes to our animals. They are fed extremely well every five to seven days. They are all handled by me and my family 3 to 4 days a week to keep them friendly. The cages are cleaned daily with F10 disinfected. Our snakes are in racks with fresh paper towels and fresh water with Temps set at 85 degrees. We track and record every shed, cleaning, bowel movement, and meal through an electronic program called reptile scan (Available on the android market). When you buy a snake from us you will receive an animal that has received all the love and care we put into our personal animals. You will also receive a birth or hatch certificate the front will display your snakes morph /genes and parent information and on the back you will have everything we know about the animal as mentioned above. We are in this business for two reasons 1. To build a business, website and social media to bring together and share ideas and  our passion for these incredible animals. 2. To create something as a family to build and strengthen our family bond ethically and honestly. We hope you will all get to know and trust us over the years and share in the experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to check out our page. Please follow us on Facebook and please like and share our page. The more people we can bring together the more enjoyable this will be. We have huge plans for our snakes, this site and Facebook. Check back often and if you see anything we could improve on please send me a text or email. All of our babies will be made available for purchase on this site as they hatch. This site accepts all major credit and debit cards and we will offer over night flat rate shipping for $50. All pet are guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy.

Thanks so much

Don, Crissie and Tyler

Twisted Genetics Pythons